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Ok, I got it
Wrestler: Sting
Real Name: Steve Bordon
Birthday: March 20, 1959  
Hometown: Venice Beach, California
Marital Status: Married to Sue
Height & Weight: 6'3" - 252 lbs
Trained by: Red Bastien
Debut: 1985
Previous Gimmicks: Flash
(Surfer) Sting
(The Crow) Sting
Finishing Move: The Scorpian Deathlock
Favorite Moves: The Scorpian Death Drop
The Stinger Splash

Notable Feuds: Ric Flair
Terry Funk
The Great Muta
Lex Luger
Scott Hall
Hulk Hogan
The Giant
Rick Stiener
Scott Steiner
Lex Luger
Jeff Jarrett

UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation) Tag Team titles w/Rick Steiner ();
NWA Crockett Cup Tag Team Tournament w/Lex Luger (April 22-23, 1988);
NWA World Television title defeating Mike Rotunda (March 31, 1989)
NWA World Heavyweight title defeating Ric Flair (July 7, 1990)
NWA United States title defeating Steve Austin in a Tournament (August 25, 1991)
WCW BattleBowl Battle Royal Winner (December 29, 1991)
WCW World Heavyweight title defeating Lex Luger (Febuary 29, 1992);
WCW World Heavyweight title defeating Big Van Vader (March 11, 1993);
WCW United States title defeating Meng in a Tournament Final (June 18, 1995)
WCW World Tag Team titles w/Lex Luger defeating Harlem Heat (January 22, 1996);
WCW World Heavyweight title defeating Hulk Hogan (December 28, 1997 at Starrcade);
WCW World Heavyweight title defeating Hulk Hogan (Febuary 22, 1998 at Superbrawl);
WCW World Tag Team titles w/The Giant defeating Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (May 17, 1998);
WCW World Tag Team titles Sting chose Kevin Nash as his partner after beating The Giant (June 15, 1998);
WCW World Heavyweight title defeating Diamond Dallas Page (April 26, 1999);
WCW World Heavyweight title defeating Hollywood Hogan (September 12, 1999);
NWA World Heavyweight title defeating Jeff Jarrett (October 22, 2006);

In The Beginning:

Sting started wrestling in California teaming with Jim Helwig (aka The Ultimate Warrior) known as Power Team 2000..
Steve Borden, Jim Hellwig, Mark Miller, and Garland Donoho made up Power Team USA until it dispanded in 1986..
Steve Borden & Jim Hellwig later turned heel as the Blade Runners and they terrorized the Mid-southern territories..

Universal Wrestling Federation:

November 27, 1986--Superdome Extravaganza: Chavo Guerrero defeated Sting by Disqualification..
When Jim Helwig left the UWF for World Class, Sting formed a heel tag team with Rick Steiner to win the UWF Tag Titles..
Sting & Rick Steiner were members of a faction known as Hotstuff & Hyatt International led by Eddie Gilbert & Missy Hyatt..
April 11, 1987--Superdome: Terry Taylor & Chris Adams defeated Sting & Rick Steiner..
June 13, 1987--Superdome: Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong defeated Rick Steiner & Sting to retain the Tag Team titles..
July 4, 1987 - NWA Great American Bash: Sting defeated Thunderfoot #1..
August 1, 1987--Superdome: Sting defeated The Enforcer..

National Wrestling Alliance - The Making of a Star:

Sting moved to the National Wrestling Alliance..
November 26, 1987 - Starrcade: Sting/Michael Hayes/Jimmy Garvin vs Eddie Gilbert/Rick Steiner/Larry Zbyzsko (NO CONTEST)..
January 24, 1988 - Bunkhouse Stampede: Sting & Jimmy Garvin defeated The Sheepherders..
March 27, 1988 - NWA Clash: Sting wrestled World Champion Ric Flair to a 45-Minute time limit draw..
April 22-23, 1988 - Crockett Cup: Sting & Lex Luger defeated Ivan Koloff & Dick Murdoch in the First Round..
~~~Sting & Lex Luger beat The Midnight Express (2nd) | Sting & Lex Luger beat The Powers of Pain (3rd)..
~~~Sting & Lex Luger beat Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard to win the Crockett Cup with help from Magnum TA..
June 8, 1988 - NWA Clash: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs Sting & Dusty Rhodes ended in a Double DQ..
July 10, 1988 - Great American Bash: Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson vs Sting & Nikita Koloff ended in a NO CONTEST..
September 7, 1988 - NWA Clash: Sting defeated Barry Windham by DQ (Windham retains US title)..
December 26, 1988 - Starrcade: Dusty Rhodes & Sting defeated The Road Warriors by DQ..
February 20, 1989 - Chi Town Rumble: Sting defeated "Hacksaw" Butch Reed..
April 2, 1989 - NWA Clash: Sting defeated Rip Morgan to retain the TV title in a dark match..
May 7, 1989 - WrestleWar: Sting defeated The Iron Sheik to retain the Television title..
June 14, 1989 - NWA Clash: Sting defeated Bill Irwin to retain the Television title..
Sting began a feud with The Great Muta over the NWA Television title..
July 23, 1989 - Great American Bash: Sting vs The Great Muta ended in a No Contest (Sting retains TV title)..

National Wrestling Alliance - The IV Horsemen:

Sting & Ric Flair joined forces against Gary Hart, The Great Muta, Terry Funk & Buzz Sawyer..
This led to Sting joining the Four Horsemen consisting, at the time, of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Ole Anderson..
September 12, 1989 - NWA: Sting & Ric Flair defeated Dick Slater & Great Muta by Disqualification..
October 28, 1989 - Halloween Havoc: Ric Flair & Sting defeated The Great Muta & Terry Funk in a Thunder-Dome Cage match..
~~~Ole Anderson was in Flair/Sting's corner, Gary Hart in Muta/Funk's corner, Bruno Sammartino was the guest referee!
December 13, 1989 - Starrcade: Sting earned the most points in a special "Night of the Iron Men" challenge..
~~~Lex Luger beat Sting | Sting beat The Great Muta | Sting beat Ric Flair to win the Iron Man Tournamnt..
Sting's star began to rise, and soon Sting wanted a shot at Ric Flair's World Heavyweight title..
The Four Horsemen kicked Sting out for not respecting their World Champion leader..
Sting injured his knee trying to climb into a Steel Cage, and was sidelined for several months..

National Wrestling Alliance - NWA World Champion:

Sting returned with a new passion, as he was focused on taking on all of the IV Horsemen..
Sting formed the "Dudes with Attitude", consisting of Paul Orndorff, Junk Yard Dog, Brian Pillman, El Gigante, & The Steiners..
July 7, 1990 - Great American Bash: Sting defeated Ric Flair to win the NWA World Heavyweight title!!!
September 5, 1990 - NWA Clash: Sting defeated The Black Scorpion (Al Perez) to retain the NWA World title..
October 27, 1990 - Halloween Havoc: Sting defeated Sid Vicious to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title..
December 16, 1990 - Starrcade: Sting defeated The Black Scorpion (Ric Flair) to retain (Dick The Bruiser as referee)..
January 11, 1991: Ric Flair defeated Sting to recapture the NWA World Heavyweight title..

World Championship Wrestling - The Stinger:

January 30, 1991 - WCW Clash: Sting & Lex Luger defeated Doom by DQ (Doom retains Tag Team titles)..
March 21, 1991 - WCW/NJPW SuperShow: The Great Muta defeated Sting in Tokyo Japan..
May 19, 1991 - Superbrawl: The Steiner Brothers defeated Sting & Lex Luger to retain the Tag Team titles
June 14, 1991 - WCW Clash: Sting defeated Nikita Koloff..
July 14, 1991 - Great American Bash: Nikita Koloff defeated Sting in a Russian Chain match..

World Championship Wrestling - NWA United States title:

August 25, 1991: Sting defeated Steve Austin in a Tournament Final to win the NWA United States title..
September 5, 1991 - WCW Clash: Sting defeated Johnny B Badd to retain the United States title..
November 19, 1991 - WCW Clash: Rick Rude defeated Sting to win the United States title..

World Championship Wrestling - The Stinger:

December 29, 1991 - Starrcade: Sting & Abdullah defeated Bobby Eaton & Brian Pillman in a Lethal Lottery match..
~~~Sting advanced and won a 2-ring Battle Royal at the end of the night to become BattleBowl Champion!
January 4, 1992 - WCW/NJPW SuperShow: Sting & The Great Muta defeated The Steiner Brothers..
January 21, 1992 - WCW Clash: Sting & Ricky Steamboat defeated Steve Austin & Rick Rude..

World Championship Wrestling - WCW World Champion:

February 29, 1992 - Superbrawl: Sting defeated Lex Luger to win the WCW World Heavyweight title..
July 12, 1992 - Great American Bash: Big Van Vader defeated Sting to capture the WCW World title..

World Championship Wrestling - The Stinger:

September 2, 1992 - WCW Clash: Rick Rude/Jake Roberts/Invader/Vader defeated Sting/Ivan Koloff/Steiners..
October 25, 1992 - Halloween Havoc: Sting defeated Jake Roberts in a Coal Miners Glove on a Pole match..
November 18, 1992 - WCW Clash: Sting vs Rick Rude ended in a draw..
December 28, 1992 - Starrcade: Steve Williams & Sting beat Jushin Liger & Erik Watts in a Lethal Lottery match..
~~~On the same Card: Sting defeated Big Van Vader to win the King of Cable Tournament!
January 4, 1993 - WCW/NJPW SuperShow: Sting defeated Hiroshi Hase in the main event..
January 13, 1993 - WCW Clash: Sting/Dustin Rhodes/Cactus Jack defeated Big Van Vader/Paul Orndorff/Barry Windham..
February 21, 1993 - Superbrawl: Big Van Vader defeated Sting in a White Castle of Fear Strap match..
May 23, 1993 - Slamboree: Sting defeated The Prisoner (aka Nailz in WWF) in a Bounty match..
June 16, 1993 - WCW Clash: Vader/Sid Vicious/Rick Rude defeated Sting/Dustin Rhodes/Davey Boy Smith..
August 18, 1993 - WCW Clash: Sting & Ric Flair defeated The Collosal Kongs (Awesome & King Kong)..
September 19, 1993 - Fall Brawl: Sting led his team to victory against Harley Race's Team in War Games!
~~~Sting & Davey Boy Smith & Dustin Rhodes & Shockmaster defeated Sid Vicious & Vader & Harlem Heat..
October 24, 1993 - Halloween Havoc: Sting defeated Sid Vicious..
November 10, 1993 - WCW Clash: The Nasty Boys defeated Sting & Davey Boy Smith..
November 20, 1993 - BattleBowl: Sting & Jerry Sags defeated Ron Simmons & Keith Cole (Lethal Lottery Match)..
~~~Big Van Vader won a Battle Royal consisting of all the Lethal Lottery winners at the end of the night..
December 27, 1993 - Starrcade: Sting & Road Warrior Hawk defeated The Nasty Boys by DQ (Nastys retain titles)..
January 27, 1994 - WCW Clash: Sting & Ric Flair defeated Big Van Vader & Rick Rude in an Elimination match..
February 20, 1994 - Superbrawl: Sting/Brian Pillman/Dustin Rhodes beat Rick Rude/Steve Austin/Paul Orndorff (ThunderDome)

World Championship Wrestling - WCW International Champion:

April 17, 1994 - Spring Stampede: Sting defeated Rick Rude to win the WCW International title!
May 22, 1994 - Slamboree: Sting defeated Big Van Vader to retain the WCW International title..
June 23, 1994 - WCW Clash: Ric Flair defeated Sting to win the WCW International World title..

World Championship Wrestling - Second Fiddle:

1994: Sting was knocked down to the #2 face when Hulk Hogan joined World Championship Wrestling..
September 18, 1994 - Fall Brawl: Big Van Vader defeated Sting and The Guardian Angel in a Triangle match..
Sting naturally joined forces with Hulk Hogan (probably because Hogan didn't wanna face him) to battle the Dungeon of Doom..
November 16, 1994 - WCW Clash: Hulk Hogan/Sting/Dave Sullivan defeated The Butcher/Avalanche/Kevin Sullivan..
December 27, 1994 - Starrcade: Sting defeated Avalanche by Disqualification..
January 25, 1995 - WCW Clash: Sting defeated Avalanche by Submission with the Gaurdian Angel as the referee..
February 19, 1995 - SuperBrawl: Randy Savage & Sting defeated Big Bubba Rogers & Avalanche..
March 19, 1995 - Uncensored: Big Bubba Rogers defeated Sting..
May 21, 1995 - Slamboree: Sting defeated Big Bubba Rogers in a Lights Out Match..

World Championship Wrestling - WCW United States Champion:

June 18, 1995 - Great American: Sting defeated Meng in the Finals of a tournament to win the vacant United States title..
July 16, 1995 - Bash at the Beach: Sting defeated Meng to retain the United States title..
August 4, 1995 - WCW Clash: Sting & Road Warrior Hawk defeated Meng & Kurasawa..
September 17, 1995 - Fall Brawl: The Hulkamaniacs defeated The Dungeon of Doom in a War Games Cage match..
~~~Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage & Lex Luger & Sting defeated Kamala & The Zodiac & The Shark & Meng..

World Championship Wrestling - Screwed by the Horsemen:

Ric Flair was feuding with Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman, and needed a partner, so he campaigned to win Sting's trust back..
~~~After weeks of declining, Sting finally accepted, but warned what would happen if Ric Flair decided to screw him..
October 29, 1995 - Halloween Havoc: Sting & Ric Flair beat Brian Pillman & Arn Anderson by DQ when Flair turned on Sting!
~~~Before the Event went on the air, Ric Flair was attacked backstage, taking him out of the match!
~~~Sting proceeded to defend Ric Flair's honor, taking on Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman by himself..
~~~Ric Flair limped out during the match, all bandaged up, but instead of helping Sting, he turned on him!!!!!!
~~~Ric Flair joined Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman in the subsequent reformation of the Four Horsemen!
Nitro: Sting attacked Ric Flair and put the Scorpion Deathlock on him, refusing to release the hold..
~~~Sting's best friend, Lex Luger, came out and talked Sting into letting Ric Flair go..
November 23, 1995 - Nitro: Sting wrestled Hulk Hogan, and managed to get him in the Scorpion Deathlock..
~~~It looked like Sting was going to gain victory when the move was broken up by the Dungeon of Doom..
November 26, 1995 - World War 3: Sting defeated Ric Flair by Submission in a Super Grudge Match..
~~~Both Sting and Ric Flair (immediately after their match) participated in the 3-ring 60-Man Battle Royal..
December 27, 1995 - Starrcade: Sting defeated Kensuke Sasaki (Part of the World Cup of Wrestling Series)..
~~~On The Same Card: Ric Flair defeated Lex Luger and Sting by Count Out to earn a shot at the World title!

World Championship Wrestling - Sting & Lex Luger:

January 22, 1996 - Nitro: Sting & Lex Luger defeated Harlem Heat to capture the Tag Team titles..
January 23, 1996 - WCW Clash: Sting & Lex Luger defeated The Blue Bloods to retain the Tag Team titles..
February 11, 1996 - SuperBrawl: Sting & Lex Luger defeated Harlem Heat to retain the Tag Team titles..
~~~Later that night: Sting & Lex Luger wrestled The Road Warriors to a No Contest (thus retaining)..
March 24, 1996 - Uncendored: Sting & Booker T (sub for Luger) defeated The Road Warriors in a Street Fight..
May 19, 1996 - Slaboree: The Giant defeated Sting to retain the WCW World Heavyweight title..
June 16, 1996 - Great American Bash: Sting defeated Lord Steven Regal in a Special Challenge match..

World Championship Wrestling - new World order:

The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) began invading WCW, and Sting was the first to step up and confront them..
July 7, 1996 - Bash at the Beach: Kevin Nash & Scott Hall & Mystery Man defeated Sting & Randy Savage & Lex Luger..
~~~Nash & Hall started the match alone, and soon injured Lex Luger, taking him out of the match and evening the odds..
~~~Sting & Savage were getting beaten when out of nowhere, Hulk Hogan came running down to help out..
~~~In a move that shocked the world, Hogan leg dropped Randy Savage, revealing HIMSELF as the mystery partner!!
August 10, 1996 - Hog Wild: The Outsiders defeated Lex Luger & Sting to win the Tag Team titles!
August 15, 1996 - WCW Clash: Harlem Heat vs The Steiners vs Sting & Lex Luger was a No Contest..
September 1996 - Nitro: Lex Luger tried to get at the nWo, only to be attacked and beated up by his best friend Sting!
~~~Everyone in WCW began wondering why Sting had joined the nWo, despite his consistant denials that he had done so..
September 15, 1996 - Fall Brawl: The new World order defeated The Horsemen in a War Games Cage Match..
~~~Hollywood Hogan & Scott Hall & Kevin Nash & nWo Sting beat Ric Flair & Arn Anderson & Lex Luger & Sting..
~~~Everyone thought Sting had joined the nWo when the REAL Sting hit the ring, attacked the nWo, and left..
~~~WCW's lack of faith, caused Sting's feelings to be hurt, and resulted in a physical transformation..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sting disappeared from World Championship Wrestling..

World Championship Wrestling - The "Crow" Gimmick:

Sting started showing up as the Black & White Sting, appearing mysteriously in the rafters at WCW events..
After close to a year of dropping from rafters, and coming out of the crowd, and being generally mysterious..
~~~Sting revealed his true colors when he helped WCW's team fend off the NWO after they tried to attack Lex Luger..
WCW Commissioner JJ Dillon began a campaign to bring back Sting as the savior of World Championship Wrestling..
December 28, 1997 - Starrcade: Sting finally got his shot at Hulk Hogan and ended up winning the WCW World title..
January 24, 1998 - Souled Out: JJ Dillon stripped Sting of the World title and set up a rematch at the SuperBrawl..
February 22, 1998 - SuperBrawl: Sting defeated Hulk Hogan to capture the vacant WCW World Heavyweight title..
March 15, 1998 - Uncensored: Sting defeated Scott Hall to retain the WCW World Heavyweight title..
April 19, 1998 - Spring Stampede: Randy Savage defeated Sting to capture the WCW World Heavyweight title..

World Championship Wrestling - Red & Black Attack:

May 17, 1998 - Slamboree: Sting & The Giant defeated The Outsiders to win the WCW Tag Team titles!
When the nWo split up, Sting joined the nWo Wolfpac with Kevin Nash, Konnan, Randy Savage & Lex Luger..
Sting & The Giant had a rift and battled at the Great American Bash 1998 for the Tag Team championship..
June 14, 1998 - Great American Bash: Sting defeated The Giant to claim the WCW Tag Team titles..
~~~Sting then chose Kevin Nash as his new partner and presented him with one of the Tag Team belts..
August 8, 1998 - Road Wild: Sting participated in a Battle Royal, which was won by World Champion Bill Goldberg..
September 13, 1998 - Fall Brawl: Sting participated in the 1st ever 3-Team War Games match (WCW vs nWo vs Wolfpac)..
October 25, 1998 - Halloween Havoc: Bret Hart defeated Sting by Knockout to retain the United States title..
Sting took time off to heal a few injuries and film a movie..

World Championship Wrestling - The Return of Sting:

April 11, 1999 - Diamond Dallas Page defeated Ric Flair and Sting and Hulk Hogan to win the WCW title!
April 26, 1999 - Nitro: Sting defeated Diamond Dallas Page to win the WCW World Heavyweight title..
~~~Later in the night: DDP defeated Sting and Kevin Nash and Bill Goldberg to win back the WCW title!
May 9, 1999 - Slamboree: Sting vs Bill Goldberg ended in a NO CONTEST..
June 14, 1999 - Great American Bash: Sting vs Rick Steiner in a Falls Count Anywhere match was a No Contest..
After a short feud with Rick Steiner, Sting turned his attention to long time nemisis, Ric Flair..
July 11, 1999 - Great American Bash: Randy Savage & Sid Vicious defeated Kevin Nash & Sting..
August 14, 1999 - Road Wild: Sid Vicious defeated Sting..

World Championship Wrestling - Sting Heel?:

September 12, 1999 - Fall Brawl: Sting defeated Hulk Hogan to win the WCW World title turning heel in the process!
October 24, 1999 - Halloween Havoc: Sting defeated Hulk Hogan to retain the WCW World Heavyweight title..
~~~MAIN EVENT: Bill Goldberg defeated Sting to capture the WCW World Heavyweight title..
November 21, 1999 - Mayhem: Bret Hart defeated Sting in a Semi-Finals of a World Title Tournament..
Sting's heel run was considered very unsuccessful and it didn't take him long to turn face..

World Championship Wrestling - Sting vs Lex Luger:

December 19, 1999 - Starrcade: Sting defeated Lex Luger by Disqualification..
March 19, 2000 - Uncensored: Sting defeated Lex Luger in a Lumberjack match..

World Championship Wrestling - Sting vs Vampiro:

Sting had an intense feud with Vampiro, which included a House of Pain match, an Inferno match amung others..
April 16, 2000 - Spring Stampede: Sting defeated Vampiro in the Semi-Finals of the U.S. Title Tournament..
~~~Later that Night: Scott Steiner defeated Sting in the Finals to win the WCW United States title!
May 7, 2000 - Slamboree: Sting defeated Vampiro..
June 11, 2000 - Great American Match: Vampiro defeated Sting in an Inferno match by lighting Sting on fire..
~~~At the end of the match, Sting switched with a stunt man, who was set on fire and pushed off a balcony!
August 13, 2000 - New Blood Rising: Sting defeated The Demon (representing the Dark Carnival)..
~~~After the match, Vampiro & The Great Muta attacked Sting until KroniK made the save!..
September 17, 2000 - Fall Brawl: Sting defeated Vampiro and The Great Muta in a Triangle Match..
October 29, 2000 - Halloween Havoc: Jeff Jarrett defeated Sting..
November 2000: Sting took some time off from WCW Television..

World Championship Wrestling - WCW Farewell:

March 26, 2001: Sting returned and wrestled his last match against Ric Flair in the main event of the final Nitro broadcast on TNT..
~~~Sting defeated Ric Flair with the Scorpion Deathlock in a nostalgia match -- they shook hands and hugged to celebrate WCW..
Sting sat out his WCW/Time Warner/AOL contract and basically got paid for the remainder of his agreement for doing nothing..
March 2002: Sting's WCW/Time Warner/AOL contract expired.. but Sting was not expected to return to wrestling..
June 2002: Rumors circulated that Sting had signed a deal with WWE to return to the wrestling ring..
~~~~However, with the increased volume of 'smut' and 'violence', as expected, it ended up being just a 'rumor'..

World Wrestling All-stars:

November 28, 2002 - WWA European Tour: Sting came out of retirement to join the World Wrestling All-Stars European Tour..
December 6, 2002 - WWA European Tour: Lex Luger defeated Sting for the VACANT WWA World Heavyweight title..
December 7, 2002 - WWA European Tour: Lex Luger & Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett & Buff Bagwell..
December 13, 2002 - WWA European Tour: Sting beat Lex Luger to win the WWA World title on the last show of the tour..
April 14, 2003: Sting informed WWA promoter Andrew McManus that the May Australian tour will be his last for the promotion..
May 5, 2003: Sting will be paid $20,000 per show on this month's WWA tour - Sting also claimed to have signed with WWE..
May 21, 2003 - WWA: Sting defeated Rick Stiener and Shane Douglas in a 3-WAY to retain the WWA World title..
May 23, 2003 - WWA: Sting defeated Disco Inferno to retain the WWA Heavyweight title..
May 25, 2003 - WWA PPV: Jeff Jarrett defeated Sting to unify the NWA World title & WWA World title!

NWA: Total Nonstop Action:

June 18, 2003 - NWA^TNA ANNIVERSARY: Jeff Jarrett & Sting defeated AJ Styles & Syxx-Pac..
July 2, 2003 - NWA^TNA: Sting gave a sitdown interview with Mike Tenay talking about Jerry Jarrett giving him his first break..
July 9, 2003 - NWA^TNA: Sting (Part 2) gives his feelings on Flair, Hart, Warrior, McMahon, Hogan and the Internet..
July 16, 2003 - NWA^TNA: Sting (Part 3) talks about the "roller coaster ride" which was World Championship Wrestling..
July 23, 2003 - NWA^TNA: Sting (Part 4) talks about Christianity and the Good & Bad that comes with Wrestling..
November 5, 2003 - NWA^TNA: Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett by DQ in an NWA World Heavyweight title match..
November 12, 2003 - NWA^TNA: Sting & AJ Styles w/Jimmy Hart defeated Lex Luger & Jeff Jarrett w/Don Callis..
December 17, 2003 - NWA^TNA: Sting defeated NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett in a "non title" match!
March 24, 2004 - NWA^TNA: Sting, who was in Nashville to film a movie about his life, did an interview with Mike Tenay in the ring..

Sting aka Steve Bordon:

July 21, 2004--Hawaiian Championship Wrestling: Sting & The Great Muta beat Diamond Dallas Page & Satoshi Kojima..
January 22, 2005--Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (In Korea): Sting defeated Billy Gunn..
Steve Borden has the name 'Sting' trademarked, unlike Gordon Matthew Sumner, the singer, that calls himself 'Sting'
December 1, 2006: Stave Borden a.k.a. Sting now co-hosts a show on Trinity Brodcasting Netowrk called "Priase The Lord"..

Total Nonstop Action - Sting: Return of an Icon:

December 11, 2005 - TNA Turning Point: The show ended with several of Sting's gimmicks appearing in the ring under a spotlight!
December 31, 2005 - TNA Impact: After the "stroke of midnight", TNA was "legally" allowed to announce that Sting was coming!
January 12, 2006: Sting returned as co-host of TBN's "Praise The Lord" with Shawn Michaels & Vince Russo as guests..
January 7, 2006 - TNA Impact: Jeff Jarrett, AMW, Team Canada & Monty Brown did a mock "Tribute To Sting"
January 14, 2006 - TNA Impact: Sting's voice came over the speaker playing mind games with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett..
January 15, 2006 - Final Resolution: Sting & Christian Cage defeated Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown w/Gail Kim..
January 28, 2006 - TNA Impact: Sting was given air-time and delivered a speech to thank the fans and say good bye to wrestling..

Total Nonstop Action - Sting vs Jeff Jarrett :

February 18, 2006 - TNA Impact: Jeff Jarrett gave Alex Shelley a project -- to get footage that "prooves that Sting is a QUITTER!"..
February 25, 2006 - TNA Impact: Alex Shelley presented hidden video of Sting but Jarrett told him to get something more damaging..
March 4, 2006 - TNA: Footage was shown of Sting catching Alex Shelley taping him and promising to show up at Destination-X!
March 12, 2006 - Destination-X: Sting showed up and attacked Jeff Jarrett's Army but Scott Steiner appeared and destroyed Sting!
March 25, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting did an interview and said he'd come back if he got a War Games match against Jarrett's Army..
April 1, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jeff Jarrett's Army tried to attack Sting but a dozen or so TNA guys ran down to make the save!
April 8, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting said he'd announce his team for Lockdown next week and challenged Jeff Jarrett to a match..
April 13, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting defeated "Showtime" Eric Young (appointed by Jeff Jarrett to take on Sting)..
~~~Jeff Jarrett's Army attacked Sting until Ron Killings, AJ Styles & Rhino (aka Sting's Warriors) made the big save!
April 23, 2006 - TNA Lockdown: Sting's Warriors defeated Jeff Jarrett's Army in a Lethal Lockdown (War Games) match..
~~~Jeff Jarrett's Army = Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner & Chris Harris & James Storm w/Gail Kim & Jackie Gayda..
~~~Sting's Warriors = Sting & "Phenominal" AJ Styles & Ron "The Truth" Killings & "The War Machine" Rhino..
April 27, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner demanded that Sting come out and chose his partner for Sacrifice..
~~~Sting played games with Jarrett/Steiner, giving THEM the choice to pick between Door #1 & Door #2 OR pass until next week..
~~~~~~Jeff Jarrett passed, so Sting revealed that Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger were this week's choices making them void now...
May 4, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jeff Jarrett once again passed on Door #1, and Sting revealed Rick Steiner was behind the door!
May 11, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting finally announced that his partner at Sacrifice would be X-Division Champion Samoa Joe!
May 14, 2006 - TNA Sacrifice: Sting & Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner w/Gail Kim in a tag team match..
~~~After the match, Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner attacked Sting, and Samoa Joe saw it, but decided to walk out instead of help!
June 8, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting defeated Scott Steiner w/Gail Kim by DQ in a "King of the Mountain Qualifying" match..
June 18, 2006 - TNA Slammiversary: Jeff Jarrett won a controversial King of the Mountain Match to recapture the NWA World title!
~~~Jeff Jarrett defeated Christian Cage (champion) and Sting and Ron Killings and Abyss in a 5-WAY King of the Mountain Match..
~~~The finish was EXTREMELY controversial, so Jim Cornette confiscated the NWA belt and will make an announcement on iMPACT..
July 6, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Christian Cage & Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner in a tag team main event..
July 16, 2006 - TNA Victory Road: Sting defeated Christian Cage and Scott Steiner and Samoa Joe in a 4-WAY Road to Victory match..
August 10, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Christian Cage vs Scott Steiner ended in a No Contest when Jarrett interfered & Sting made the save!.
August 13, 2006 - TNA Hard Justice: Jeff Jarrett defeated Sting to retain the NWA World title when Christian Cage turned on Sting!
August 17, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting challenged Jeff Jarrett to a rematch, and Jarrett accept only if it was his title vs Sting's career!
August 24, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting accepted Jeff Jarrett challenge to an "NWA title vs career" match at Bound For Glory..

Total Nonstop Action - NWA World Heavyweight Champion:

October 22, 2006 - TNA Bound For Glory: Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett in a "Title vs Career" match to win the NWA World title!
October 26, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting opened the show with a victory speech and was interrupted by Christian Cage..
November 19, 2006 - TNA Genesis: Abyss w/Father James Mitchell defeated Sting by DQ to win the NWA World Heavyweight title!
November 23, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting vs Christian Cage ended in a No Contest in a #1 Contenders match (Tomko debuted)..
November 30, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting tried to talk Abyss into leaving James Mitchell, but Abyss allowed Mitchell to control him..
December 7, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Christian Cage & Tomko double-teamed NWA Champion Abyss until Sting made the save!
~~~Sting offered to shake Abyss's hand, and Abyss actually shook it but then gave Sting a Black Hole Slam!!
~~~MAIN EVENT: Kurt Angle beat Samoa Joe and Abyss and Sting and Christian Cage and Rhino ("All-Star War")..
December 11, 2006 - TNA Turning Point: Abyss defeated Sting and Christian Cage in a 3-WAY to retain the NWA World title!
December 14, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting showed that he had some minor influence with Abyss and somehow got into his head..
December 21, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting (in posession of the NWA World title belt) defeated Frankie Kazarian..
~~~Later that night: Abyss was about to shake Sting's hand when Christian Cage revealed that Abyss had been in prison..
~~~Christian Cage & Tomko attacked Sting and Abyss ran back to the ring to save him and gave the bat back to Sting..
December 28, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Sting beat Christian Cage w/Tomko and Abyss w/Mitchell in a Knight-stick on a Pole match..
~~~Christian Cage & Tomko attacked Sting until Abyss came to Sting's rescue which made Father James Mitchell mad..
January 11, 2007 - TNA iMPACT: Abyss defied James Mitchell and raised Sting's arm but then turned and destroyed STING!
January 14, 2007 - TNA Final Resolution: Christian Cage defeated Abyss and Sting in a 3-WAY to win the NWA World title!

Total Nonstop Action - Sting vs. Abyss:

January 18, 2007 - TNA iMPACT: Sting abducted Father James Mitchell and beat him demanding he reveal Abyss' big secret.
January 25, 2007 - TNA iMPACT: Sting revealed Abyss' secret - that he was in prison for shooting his father in the back three times..
~~~An extremely angry Abyss attacked Sting and brawled backstage, where Father James Mitchell threw a fireball in Sting's face!
February 1, 2007 - TNA iMPACT: Father James Mitchell challenged Sting to face Abyss in a Prison Yard match...
February 8, 2007 - TNA iMPACT: Abyss [red mask] w/Father James Mitchell defeated Chase Stevens w/Andy Douglas..
~~~Sting showed up on the screen wearing the original Abyss mask and accepted Father James Mitchell's challenge..
February 12, 2007 - TNA Against All Odds: Sting defeated Abyss w/Father James Mitchell in a Prison Yard match..
February 15, 2007 - TNA iMPACT: Sting participated in a #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match (Eliminated by Robert Roode)..
February 22, 2007 - TNA iMPACT: Sting appeared laying on a "deathbed" and said Abyss's life will change at Destination-X..
March 8, 2007 - TNA iMPACT: Sting played some deep mind games with Abyss, appearing and disappearing all over the arena..
March 11, 2007 - TNA Destination-X: Sting defeated Abyss in a Last Rites match (Abyss was raised in a casket above the ring)..
March 15, 2007 - TNA iMPACT: Abyss appeared to join forces with Sting and they'll face Christian Cage & A.J. Styles next week!